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More Titles from WordPress Tags

February 24, 2009

I looked at the updated list of WordPress global tags and noticed some more potential titles.  They amuse me, so here they are.

  • “Sex Sotfware”: That could go a lot of different directions, couldn’t it?  Anything from robots having sex together (for robot procreation…meshing software the way people mesh DNA to make a child).  Or a computer program to help guys score (Will Smith’s Hitch meets Windows).
  • “Fun War”: A party in every landmine.  This could be someone who loves the art of war in a very active sense or could be a war over types of recreation.  A civil war over what is the national pass-time?  Maybe too much.  Or it could be a reality show about war, the producers coming up with more ridiculous goals for the armies.  I’d hate to see that elimination round.  Or (one more) kids enlisted to the army based on video game prowess.  This reeks of The Last Starfighter, maybe even a little Ender’s Game.
  • “Faith Marketing”: They do it now, don’t they?  A story about a cult leader that preys on shopaholics, maybe even home shopping addicts.  Trying to buy your way into heaven is nothing new, but investing n heaven real estate or keeping up with God’s fashion do’s and don’ts or even an ad campaign about heaven.  Not too terribly speculative, but it can go somewhere.  I doubt I’ll write it.
  • “Musings School”: Could make a cute flash piece about a school for random thoughts.  How do you teach people to think?  It could be a dystopian society where thoughts are discouraged, but this underground school tries to get people thinking for themselves, starting small.  What do you think about licorice?  ducks?  your government’s oppression of its people by sanitizing the media and ostracizing independent thinkers?

That’s all for now.  Check the global tags for your own ideas or check out my previous post.  Happy writing.


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