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Realms of Fantasy snatched from the jaws of extinction

March 11, 2009

Can it be true?  Realms of Fantasy, recently announced as deceased, has apparently been purchased by another company, Tir Na Nog Press, this according to and this announcement.  According to the article, editors should be kept in place and rates for stories should also remain consistent.

Rumors of its death were greatly exaggerated.

Rumors of its death were greatly exaggerated.

Whenever I see news this good miraculously appear online, I fear it is a hoax.  This seems legit.  The deal apparently went down today and the news is already everywhere.  This means we will NOT be losing one of the classic professional speculative magazines.  Hoorah.

Now a confession.  I have never read a copy of Realms of Fantasy.  I had a subscription to F&SF and before that, Analog, but I don’t think I have so much as been in the same room with an issue of Realms.  A single consumer can only do so much.  I will look for this new May issue (expected next issue, missing only one) in bookstores near me so I can show my support.  I have also never submitted there as their guidelines always made it clear that they weren’t looking for new writers.

So is the resurrection of Realms a coup for the genre?  Absolutely.  Will it affect me personally?  Sure.  There will be more markets buying stories, increasing my chances (infinitessimally) of professional publication.  I don’t have to print in Realms to reap this benefit.  Every time Realms buys a great story, it’s one I don’t have to compete against in another mag.  A selfish view?  Absolutely.  Nevertheless, I’m glad it’s back.


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