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Last Chance Saloon

March 19, 2009

Leslie Howle, Clarion West director, posted a message in the CW forum.  she said good stuff about how many deserving candidates they have this year and how hard the selection process has been…but the part I found most interesting was her statement about how they would finalize the class this week.  *swallows hard*  So Clarion should be letting people know by Friday and CW is letting people know by…what, Saturday?  Monday at the latest.

So it’s down to the wire.  Things aren’t looking good for me and Clarion.  Apparently Clarion east acceptees are being asked to keep things quiet until everyone has been contacted, so who knows how many of those slots are left.  I wait as calmly as I can (which is not very) for the phone to ring.  It hasn’t yet.

I haven’t given up.  The CW list only has about six or seven names.  I’ll get through this week, then know what my summer holds.  Fast track to professional markets, or the slow track.  That’s pretty much the difference.


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