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Aaarrgh! (cry of frustration, not disappointment)

March 20, 2009

Still no word.  It’s like waiting for a response for a wedding proposal.  All the emotional investment hangs on one answer and the !@#$**! response won’t come.  Thecarrier pidgeon probably got eaten by a bird.

I am taking my last-minute contact as a sign that I am a borderline talent.  Maybe I’m on the waiting list.  Maybe I’m in the “which four of these eight do we want” stack.  Maybe I wrote the wrong phone numer or email address on my application.  Regardless, my rejection couldn’t have been an easy decision, at least from CW.  I have no confirmation yet as to whether Clarion (east) has started informing their rejects.

My West application was confirmed as received on the sixth of January.  That’s right, January.  My East app, February sixth.  We’ll see if six is my lucky number or not.  Damn, these workshops sure know how to make a guy sweat.

So I wait.  I’m not alone; Jamie, Sandra (I think), and others wait with me.  It’s still lonely, not knowing.


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