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free stuff from my past

April 12, 2009

I dug through a file on my computer called “sold stories” and found some gems that will not likely be sold as reprints unless I make it big or need filler for my own anthology. Not to say they were bad stories — they sold, didn’t they? — but they aree clearly from my past.

I decided to post one of those stories here, despite mixed opinions from my readers.  The story I’m posting (right now) is “Blood of a Soldier”, my 5000-word military-vampire story.  It’s probably more science fiction than it is horror, but it does get a touch graphic.  I am more disturbed by some of the amateur flags I flew throughout the story (watch for my not-too-blatant “said bookisms”).  Still, there are a few well-turned phrases and a lot of my preferred direct style.  Surprisingly there is little in the way of dialog; I feel I’m usually strong with dialog and fill stories with it because of that.

Anyway, this is where I’ve been.  Stories like this got me this far.  Depending on its reception, I mayreplace it sometime in the future, but it’ll be here for a while.  I don’t have a trunk of pieces I’m ready to fling around for free…at least not yet.  Maybe someday.  For now, enjoy.

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