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Long time, no me

April 21, 2009

I was disappointed to see I got zero hits on this blog the other day.  Then I checked and saw it had been a week since my last post.  Ack!  Sorry about that, folks.  I wish I could say I’ve been too busy writing to make my blog posts, but I can’t.  My writing has been slow and in tiny fragments.  It is life that has kept me busy.  Not a good excuse for someone who calls himself a writer, but it’s true.

So what’s been going on?  A lot of teaching (not sure how much learning has occurred), a lot of time with my daughter (fun time and fussy time), some sleeping, some gardening (yuck), and…I don’t know, stuff.  There have been other things neglected, too.  I have a very old stack of tests that still isn’t graded.  My house is a wreck (I did attack some of that last night but not enough to downgrade the wreck to mess).  

On the upside, I received a package I’d been waiting for: my wireless headphones!  My daughter’s bedroom is about six feet away from the living room television, so the wife and I had to watch with a thumb on the volume.  Turn it down when people yell, guns fire, things blow up; turn it up when people are talking normally or whispering.  We often had subtitles on so we could tell what was going on.  With the headphones, we can both listen without difficulty and without worrying about waking the toddler.  The headphones are Sennheiser 120s: big, on-ear (as opposed to over-ear or in-ear) models with rechargeable batteries and a nice charging stand.  Comfortable, too.  One pair does seem to have a weak speaker for the right ear, but I often find this the case with headphones and wonder if that’s a typical thing.  Or maybe my right ear is where the problem is.  I’ll compare the two headsets again tonight.  If there is a significant difference, I may return the suspect pair…if I can.  The one giving me trouble was refurbished, so I may be stuck with it.  We’ll see. 

I’m setting a goal to put something significant on here this week.  Nothing monumental, but some sort of useful insight I have gleaned from a decade of floundering as a writer.  Check back soon.


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  1. April 23, 2009 4:55 pm

    I bought headphones like that for my spouse when I was writing my thesis, just so I could concentrate on writing while he was playing video games or watching television. A worthwhile investment.

    My writing effort has also been tiny, and I’m using my phone’s voice recorder app to “jot” ideas or even whole scenes on the go. It’s surprisingly effective since I’m so busy I forget details instantly.

    Gardening is good! For me, anyway. I get lost in it. Very stress-relieving, especially when performed barefoot.

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