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It’s time…

April 22, 2009

One of my Facebook friends — my former college roommate –today posted his intention to start losing weight.  He weighs only a small Thanksgiving turkey more than m and I decided to join him in his endeavor.  I think doing this together will be beneficial; neither of us is the type to let the other run away with all the success.  As long as one of us makes progress, I suspect the other will tag along.  If we both shrug our shoulders at the first donut, well then we fail together.

I am no stranger to weight loss attempts.  I got down to 240 a couple years ago (shortly after my daughter’s birth) while my wife was losing with me.  It took longer to gain the weight back than to lose it, which was comforting if only mildly.

For Lent, I pledged to get back on my diet.  That didn’t work.  The stress of waiting to hear from the Clarions was my excuse to falter.  I am the kind of person that eats when he is stressed…or happy…or tired…bored…awake…

I feel better when I am lighter.  Imagine wearing a 40 pound jacket that you have no need for.  It makes me slower, I tire easily, I’m always hot.  It sucks.  Does it suck more than I like donuts?  It might, but it’s a close race.

Food is my drug of choice.  I’m an addict.  Compulsive overeater.  They don’t make a patch for this.  They make pills, but no thanks.  I’m not exactly quitting cold turkey (still have to eat), but I’m doing it on my own (well, me and my old roomie).  No rehab, no Biggest Loser, no electroshock therapy.  I’ll approximate the Weight Watcher’s plan that worked so well for me before.  (Wikipedia has the “points” formula posted.  I would link to it, but I  question the legality of their sharing.)  That combined with some not-too-tough exercizing should melt the pounds away at a steady rate.  I’ll be hungry as my dog is scruffy, but I can do it.

I hope.


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  1. April 23, 2009 4:57 pm

    Whenever I need motivation to eat better, I watch the BBC show “You are What You Eat.”

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