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Happy Birthday to zzz…

May 29, 2009

It’s about 1am which means it’s now my birthday.  Yippee.

The sale to TRQ was a nice b-day gift.  Never one to rest on laurels, I just sent “Secondhand Rush” to Clarkesworld Magazine.  Their response time is phenomenal (how long does it take to say “no thanks”?) and it has been suggested this story would fit well there.

Still waiting to hear from several places on a few stories: EDF should be replying about “How Quickly We Forget” within a week or two.  WotF probably won’t send me word on “Glow Baby” for at least that long, more likely late June; but better news takes longer, so they can keep me waiting.  Tyree at Beyond Centauri is about due to give me the verict on “Brother Goo”.  I’ll likely hear back from Clarkesworld before any of them.

Anyway, it’s sleepytime for the birthday boy.  My seniors graduate tomorrow (tonight technically?) so any celebration will pretty much have to wait.  But if you light a candle in the next 23 hours, think of me.


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  1. May 29, 2009 4:18 am

    Happy birthday!

    Yeah, the rejection times at Clarkesworld are almost superhuman in my experience. Good luck!

  2. May 29, 2009 8:41 am

    Happy Birthday!

  3. May 29, 2009 10:58 pm

    Happy birthday!

    I’m usually glad to see the back-ends of graduating students. Well, not all of them, I guess. That’s something to celebrate.

    I knew you had subs out, but when I see them all together like that…man! I gotta get busy!

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