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Evidence of a slow career

June 5, 2009

I just added a bibliography page to this blog. In doing so, it occurred to me that I have never before had two stories published in the same calendar year. Sold in the same year, yes, but not printed.

I find this tough to believe, honestly.  I know I am not the most prolific writer or the most published, but I though I had a few streaks.  Apparently not.

But 2009 is changing this.  I have sold two stories this year, both in the past week.  Amazingly they were both sent out on the same day (April 9th if you’re looking for a good day to mail stuff).  Surely they’ll both see print before the end of the year.  And I have every intention of finishing the year strong (four still out and more where they came from).

There is a chance that I missed something in my bibliography.  My pre-2004 records are spotty at best.  If I discover any omissions, I’ll be sure to fix it.

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