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Another day, another sale. Sweet

June 18, 2009

My good friends at Sam’s Dot Publishing were kind enough to accept my K-Pax inspired story, “Brother Goo” for publication in their January 2010 issue of Beyond Centauri.  This is a magazine targeting readers from 9 to 18 (an ambitiously wide range).

As I’ve mentioned before (somewhere), my very first short story appeared in one of Sam’s Dot’s (then ProMart’s) e-zines.  I think it was The Fifth Di… but it could have been The Martian Wave.  For the life of me I can’t remember.  I know it fits TFD‘s guidelines better..but I digress.

You can check my bibliography page for a complete list of my sales.  Four (now five) of those were to Sam’s Dot zines.  They are a big reason I’m still writing.

Tyree Campbell, the big cheese at Sam’s Dot, has also been very supportive of me in other ways, agreeing to let me run copies of one of his stories for my Science Fiction Club when I was teaching at UHS and agreeing to a chatroom Q&A session with my club members.  Sadly, no such session ever took place due in part to the attention span of my students (Squirrel!) and another part to the distractions of more mundane aspects of my teaching job.

I won’t break the bank with this sale, either, bringing down a massive six bucks, bringing my earnings for my recent sales to a tax-bracket-shattering twenty-four bucks.  Why do I keep a day job?  Oh yeah, writing isn’t about the money.  (Maybe someday, but not today.)  It’s about sharing a part of myself with others.

Now I can’t wait until I get my contributor’s copy in January.


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