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Back in the saddle…or the mail, anyway

September 25, 2009

I feel better.

I now have three stories out awaiting validation (or rejection).  One to WotF, one to Pseudopod, and one to Strange Horizons.

Why these markets?  In fact, I’ve always found it fascinating how others decide which market to trust their stories to.  WotF is obvious: big prize, multi-teired validation, and no pros to compete against.  Pseudopod was recommended by David  Steffen.  I like the thought of “Glow Baby” being performed and Pseudopod just sounded unique.

But why Strange Horizons over Asimov’s or Analog or F&SF?  Shouldn’t I start with the big-shot pro markets before drifting to the online pro-zines?  Not me.  I don’t have a year to wait to see what the “big three” have to say.  And how useful is their form letter to me?  Don’t get me wrong, F&SF usually rejects my stuff in a timely fashion, but getting through all three can take a while.

Strange Horizons is a pro market and I see a lot of big names show up there.  I also see unknowns on occasion.  More importantly, their electronic submission process is fairly quick and quite good.  And a lot easier than messing with postage.  I once even received a line of personalization in a rejection email from SH (it said my plot was fun but the story didn’t come together).

I’ve seen the big three called out regarding their continued resistance to electronic submissions.  They’re fast, cheap. and save space.  So what’s the point of hard copies?  They make a satisfying fluttery sound when you hurl them into the rejection pile that no click or beep or whi r of a computer can match.  Oh, and the biggies are very quick to reject no-names like me.  SH seems a little more daring, a little more hip.

Will I send my stuff to F&SF?  Asimov’s?  Analog?  Probably, if it doesn’t get sold first.  I have nothing against the big three, I just don’t start there anymore.  Maybe I will, someday, if my name ever starts earning some recognition.  Until then, my progression will likely be WotF, Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons (depending on the timing of the WotF quarters).  No one can compete with the response time of Clarkesworld.  Bu is that a good thing?

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  1. September 27, 2009 5:54 am

    good! keep sending stuff out 🙂

    I just got a form rejection from SF&F 😛

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