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Packing things up

February 26, 2010

It’s time to move.  I’ve enjoyed being at, but I’ve outgrown it.

First of all, I have decided to use my own name instead of any form of Oso as a byline.  I’m just good old Scott W. Baker.  I hope to one day be widely referred to as SWB the way George R. R. Martin is often GRRM.  I’ll probably keep the Oso persona online in some form, but I want to be more approachable to my fans (who I am attempting to amass…I think I have three or so).  I imagine I will be able to redirect visitors to my new blog once it exists.

I did a little domain name shopping today.  I regret that is currently occupied by a photographer.  Ironic considering my wife is the professional photographer in the family, not me.  So too is taken (though not in use).  A few other options were available: some with hyphens, resorting to a .net address, squeezing the word “blog” or “writer” in… I even checked out and the more creative (both were unsurprisingly available).  I’m sure I could keep the wordpress in the address, but I was really hoping to break free a little.  It’s only like $15 a year for the domain, so it’s no biggie.  (Did I just say “no biggie”?)  Joining was also considered, but that was more than I wanted to spend with a name no easier to find than this one.

Perhaps I’ll think up a clever title to the blog and stick the .com on it.  It’s kind of where dontcallmeoso came from.  I’m still working on it.  Updates to come.

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