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Story by Erosion

March 6, 2010

I have been working to clean up my Space Operatic comedy piece for weeks, just barely able to get anything done in any single sitting.  I feel like a sculptor trying to work marble with nothing but a garden hose.  But today I really attacked the piece and have it about where I want it.  It’s a thousand words shorter than it was on OWW.  Shorter is alms always better.  I cut Kira out completely and I shaved the futuristic slang because there just wasn’t enough room to make it work.  Some of these may go back in if I ever build t back up to novel scale.

I’m not sure his is a story I would have been comfortable sending as part of my Clarion application.  It’s too much of a gamble.  But if I can find the right market, this gamble could pay off.  Humor is hard.  Sci-fi humor is really hard.  I see a lot more fantasy humor than sci-fi.  I may be able to carve myself out a niche on the same shelf with Douglas Adams.  The only way to get there is to practice writing humor.  Even if this story fails, I’ll have the experience under my belt for the next funny story.

Speaking of things that move at the speed of erosion, no news yet from any Clarions.  My phone rang today and I had a bit of a breathless moment before my caller ID registered that it was my mom.  (Sorry, Mom.)  No evidence anyone else has been called or emailed or faxed or anything.  I’m still confident I’ll get into at least one, but confidence doesn’t bank well.  I’ll feel a lot better when I get an official invitation.  I will be very bummed if I don’t en up going to a workshop, but that won’t stop me.  I have some good momentum coming off this WotF sale.  I can ride that favorable current a long way, but Clarion wind at my back would combine to make some strong sailing conditions.

It’s still very early in March, too early for my doomsaying.  I think I just feel the need to talk about it because wallowing in silence is too miserable.  There’s too much silence about it online this year.  My urge to bond with other writers is making me feel very alone right now.

ADDED: I just saw that Clarkesworld has rejected the story I sent them.  On to the next market.

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  1. March 7, 2010 4:04 pm

    Aww. e-hug! I didn’t apply this year, which I know took the life right out of the CW forum party 😉

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