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Analyzing Writing and Writing for Analysis

April 7, 2010

I’ve been working on my pedagogy test outlines.  So far I have reasonable outlines for The Hobbit, 1984, and The Great Gatsby.  If I can remember enough from those outline, I suspect I can score at least 4 out of 6 points on the test.  Not terrible, especially since I’ve only read one of those.  (Yeah for Rocketbooks and SparkNotes!)  

As I prepare to approach the test, it makes me wonder about how my own stories would be analyzed.  What are the literary characteristics?  Ah, who cares.  The question that really sparks my interest is the one that asks what barriers students would experience in trying to read/analyze my stories.   Hmm.

I’d like to say that the science gets a little too technical, but it doesn’t.  That’s usually deliberate, wanting my writing to be as accessible as possible.  There are some dark themes in some of my stories, particularly the importance of drug use and incest in “Poison Inside the Walls”.  

Does every story need to have two distinct barriers to comprehension?  Or just the ones deemed worthy to study in an English class?

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