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Hey, I still have stories out there

April 23, 2010

Just got an email saying another story at ASIM passed slush round one and is into round two.  It was a nice reminder that I still have seeds in the wind.  I’ve been so absorbed with tests and my novel that I almost forgot.  Heh.

I only have five stories out.  I have others that probably need to be in the mail, too, but they’re currently on blocks in my front yard awaiting new tires and some transmission work.  I know, I know…but that’s where they are.

The five out are at very different stages. I’ll refer to them by initials for anyone who might know them, but I am newly against broadcasting story titles lest they end up in a contest.

  • G.B. has been out at Weird Tales for 122 days.  Long time with no word about anything, not even confirmation of receipt.  I need to start thinking about a query.
  • S.R. is being held byASIM for consideration.  They’ll either buy it or release it sometime in the next two months.
  • D.E., a fantasy flash piece, has been at Every Day Fiction for 65 days, just slightly over the advertised response time.  I expect they’ll buy it, but I can’t be certain as I’ve only sold them one story before.
  • L.R., the story that got me waitlisted for CW 2009, is awaiting the verdict from the Anywhere But Earth anthology.  It may or may not fit there.  It’s only been there 6 days so far.  The editor says he’ll be back to me in four weeks, so I guess 3 more.
  • T.O.L. is the story in round 2 at ASIM.  That also took six days, a lot faster than S.R. escaped the first round.  Then again, S.R. was extra slow considering their normal cycle.

And that’s it.  I should get the tires back on my rainbow story and get the engine back in E.E., but one thing at a time.

I took today off because my daughter’s sitter is sick.  With the big test tomorrow, I’ll sneak in as much studying as I can while we hang out.  Which means not much.  Writing can resume tomorrow afternoon.

Wish me luck.

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  1. April 23, 2010 2:52 pm

    For what it’s worth, I’ve had a story at Weird Tales for about that long also. I think they just take a while.

    I’ve also had a story nearly that long at Escapepod, which I queried about and still haven’t heard anything. They always rejected me within 3 weeks before, so I don’t know if my emails are getting lost in the ether or what. Very frustrating.

    On the other hand, I have enough stories out now that places taking two or three months to get back to me is kinda nice since it makes for less weekly admin work on my part 😛

    Get those stories off the block and into the mail! 🙂

  2. April 23, 2010 7:57 pm

    Wow, my Weird Tales entry has only been there for like…59 days, I think (…?). That is entirely too long; downright unacceptable. Unless they buy yours/mine, hehe. Then they can probably take their time. Love the magazine though…just got my first issue, the Steampunk issue. Very top-notch stuff.

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