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I feel sheepish

May 7, 2010

No literal sheep here, just embarrassment.  

In my most recent sale to Every Day Fiction I changed the character’s name in mid story.  I didn’t catch it, the editor didn’t catch it.  Thank goodness it wasn’t print media.  The offending name change has been corrected but the evidence remains in the comments, as well it probably should.

“The Drake’s Eye” isn’t the shortest story I ever sold, but it is probably the one I spent the least time on…even less than I spent on “In or Out”, a 69-word story that received the best reviews of my career despite never earning me a dime.  I spent maybe three hours on TDE.  That’s a dollar an hour.  I can retire on that, right?  Apparently I should have spent another ten minutes.  

For the record, the names “Lucas” and “Jacob” read very similarly with that hard C in the middle.  I don’t remember if I changed the name from Jacob to Lucas and didn’t finish the search-and-replace or if I just mentally flipped names for no reason.  Regardless, it’s a silly mistake that should have been caught but wasn’t, an embarrassing reminder that the world is not perfect and neither am I.  Like I need that reminder.

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  1. May 7, 2010 4:22 pm

    It was fixed before I read it 🙂

    There was a glaring typo in my published story also, one of those ones that just slips by because the brain fills in the correct word. I’ve fixed it in the file now so that if I manage to sell the reprint rights that typo won’t be there.

    I once turned a story into an MFA workshop where I’d spelled the main character’s name two different ways apparently randomly through the whole manuscript and never noticed. Thank god they pointed that out to me 😛

    But in the end it is a good lesson that a manuscript doesn’t have to be perfect to be publishable!

    (Good story, by the way, I thought you did a nice job considering the word constraints)

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