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Last Weekend of School – Hoorah!

May 21, 2010

One more week.  I may make it.  I may not.

Anyway, I have big plans for the weekend.  My novel has been stagnant for a while, waiting for a chunk of writing time.  I’ve done a little planning so I can hit the keyboard running.  My plan is to get the next two chapters down before Purgatory school resumes on Monday.  Things should roll quickly from there since the plot will really stat rolling.  Character introduction can be tough.

I finally put E.E. in the mail today for Analog.  I was supposed to do it Monday.  I am a procrastination junkie.  That puts my quota of stories under consideration up to seven — two on hold and five in slush.  And a really and truly (this time) empty trunk.  I enter summer with only one project on the burner (see aforementioned novel).  I hope to have the status bar up to 25% before I check out for the semester.  We will see.

Distracted by this week’s Community on the DVR.  More later.

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