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Blogroll additions

May 25, 2010

I’ve been dropping by a few new blogs and have finally gotten around to adding them to my blogroll.

Alex Kane is a recurring Writers of the Future entrant that has posted a few comments here and a bunch more on the WotF forums.  His career doesn’t seem to be many steps behind mine (in some ways he may be ahead) and I enjoy his perspectives on stuff.

Andrew Porter is already a pro-calibur, SFWA-eligible writer.  Better still, he’s a Tennessean.  (I’m not alone in the Volunteer State!)  He’s dropped the idea of forming a middle TN writing group some day…we’ll see.  Until then we can blog at each other.

Drop by these guys’ blogs and say hi.  Mention Scott sent you and you get a free cyber-shirt (which is just like a T-shirt only without the shirt or clever saying or graphic or…okay, it’s nothing.  But say hi anyway.)

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