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Top Se7en for ConCarolinas

May 31, 2010

Top ten lists are so cliche.  I like seven; it’s prime.  So here are the top seven things I am looking forward to at ConCarolinas/Deep South Con next weekend.

#7- Meeting other Codex members.  There are only a few I know will be there, and they seem a little above my status, being guests and all, but it will be cool to feel like a real person among real people.  I need to make sure I’m relaxed when I meet them, though.  I can be a bit of a spaz in social situations.  (A sci-fi writer?  Who knew?)

#6- NERF WARS!  Okay, this will probably be lame once it happens, but it sounds cool.  Plus I have a Marine buddy coming with me, so maybe we’ll have a tactical advantage.  If not, my other buddy is a small target and I’m a human shield.  If nothing else, it gave me an excuse to buy a toy I wanted.  (Accuracy sucks, range is insignificant, but it looks cool and it’s fun.)

#5- Panels.  I’m not on any, but I believe the experience should be interactive.  Sharing insights and drivel with fellow supergeeks…this will be new for me.  I can’t wait.

#4- Costuming.  I’m not dressing up (all Hawaiian shirts for me, I’ve decided…dressing like a character from my own unsold story), but it will be a trip to really experience the phenomenon firsthand.  There is an NC-17 costuming event, but I may steer clear of it for matrimonial purposes (read: no photos).

#3- Networking.  I’ve never been anyplace with real writers and editors and possibly agents rubbing elbows.  Virtual elbows, maybe, but not real elbows.  I may make some valuable contacts or even become someone’s valuable contact (value to be added in the future).  This includes, of course, the pro writers like Jerry Pournelle, John Ringo, and others.  I consider it a test drive for WotF in August.

#2- Friends.  My two pals from high school (yes, only two) are going to the Con with me.  Neither is a writer, so we may split up a bit, but we haven’t hung out in ages.  One of them lives in Charlotte and I’m crashing at his place (quite close to the hotel).  The other is coming in from Knoxville.

And finally…

#1- It’s a Con for crying out loud!  I have never been to a Con.  Nor have either of my nerdy friends.  This will be a first for me, without question.  Whatever happens, it will be an experience to remember.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.

I leave on Thursday for my parents’ house with my daughter, then on to Charlotte on Friday.  Back to my parents to pick up said daughter on Sunday evening (or Monday morning, depending on circumstances), then home Monday (Tuesday morning at the latest).  I am trying to keep my schedule a little flexible.  🙂

If you’ll be there, drop me a note.  Always curious to meet those who have crossed my virtual path.

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  1. June 3, 2010 5:16 pm

    In my limited con experience, John Ringo was rude and one to avoid, but he does wear some nice kilts! Seriously, writers and their egos… 🙂

    Cons are fun: costuming is weird, impressive and cute by turns to watch, insight from writers is stimulating (sometimes panels are poorly attended and you can get real conversations), plus I love dealers’ rooms and all the geeky stuff to buy.

    My most successful story came out of a con seminar on world-building, so I’m all for the con experience. The key is planning when there’s a bunch of concurrent coolness. Hope you have a good time!

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