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Con Report: ConCarolinas: Days 1 & 2

June 5, 2010

I arrived in time for the first panels and managed to meet J.F. Lewis, a fellow Codexian, right off the bat.  Nice guy; not quite my genre.  We’ve chatted a few times since.  I also met Edmund Schubert, editor of IGMS.  Super nice guy; talked to him for about twenty minutes today.

My first Con experience has been a little less intense than anticipated since I’m splitting time between it and hanging with old friends.  In fact, the hanging with old friends last night led to my missing all the morning panels today.  Head still doesn’t feel quite right…

Anyway, I have seen Klingons and zombies and Storm Troopers and Ghostbusters and furries and pirates and more zombies.  I’ve been to some good, writer-relevant panels.  I went to one panel on surviving the apocalypse (whatever form that might take) that was pretty insane, or rather the panelists were.  Enjoyed panels including Jerry Pournelle and John Ringo.  I’ll update more on the details of the panels later.

I need a good dinner and a good night’s sleep so I’ll be ready for Allen Wold’s two-hour writing workshop tomorrow morning.  And no extra-curriculars tonight.

I’m skipping out on the rest of tonight’s festivities.  I wanted to see the movie premier of Exhibit A7, but it’s been compared to Cloverfield in its execution and my constitution can’t take that right now.  More fun tomorrow.

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