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Roughing it

June 14, 2010

Tomorrow I pack up the camper, the truck, and the SUV (new acquisition, already been pummeled from behind…different story) to go sit in a state park and sweat.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy camping, but the going part of it is always miserable.  My wife and I will fight as we pack, our daughter will whine, and I’ll expend more energy in a day than I normally expend in a month.  On top of that, I’m fatter than I’ve ever been and it’s too hot for me to be wearing a walrus outdoors.  Lots of fun

Okay, I’m being a bigger whiner than my daughter.  The camper is air conditioned.  My in-laws will be there to help with the rugrat (more a good thing than a bad thing…70/30).  Most importantly, I should get lots of writing done.  I always finish a story when I camp.  I have some good ideas floating around my head about my novel.  Unfortunately they’re all rewriting ideas.  I may be starting over.  That could be good since I’ve lost almost all enthusiasm for this project recently. A reboot may do the trick.

This will likely be the last update for a week or so.  Not that a week is so long between updates, but I’ll be mostly off the grid.  I’ll be able to get email when we go into town (usually a daily occurrence) since every McDonalds is supposed to have free WiFi, but I don’t intend to have prolonged service available.  I can get email on my cell phone, but I don’t.  So if you need me, be patient.  I’m not needed by people outside my family often, but it could happen.

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