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At long last, a home for “Leech Run”

June 30, 2010

A sale!

How long ago was I complaining about not hearing any responses, two hours?  I ran out to get a movie (more on that in a minute) and come home to find that the anthology Zero Gravity has accepted my story “Leech Run”!  They’ve had it on hold for a little while.  Submissions closed today and I guess no one managed to bump me.

“Leech Run” has been seeking a home for a long time.  It’s the story that got me waitlisted for Clarion West last year.  Honestly Zero Gravity seems about the perfect fit.  It’s a Pill Hill Press anthology, due out late next summer (I’m finding conflicting dates, so it may be soon and it may be 2011); more waiting before “Leech Run” sees the light of day.  But a sale’s a sale, 25 bucks I didn’t have before.  A credential I didn’t have before.  Being read by people (eventually) that hadn’t heard of me before.

As for the movie rental, I went to a RedBox for the first time.  Efficient, affordable, the way of the future.  I went specifically to get…*cough*…New Moon.  I know, I know.  Not my choice.  The wife needed to see it again before she drags me to Eclipse on Friday.  Two in the same week.  I’m going to have to read some Moby Dick to balance it out.

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