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Cats and Dogs

July 2, 2010

Did I mention it pours?  Two more responses today, neither personalized, neither acceptances.  Analog and Strange Horizons, two very tough markets.  The story I sent to Analog (E.E.) had some rewrites that didn’t make it into the envelope because I am an idiot.  I’ll try it — wit the rewriten sections — at Asmiov’s next.  It’s fairly firm sf so it needs a rigorous home.  The Strange Horizons story (T.W.H.D.o.t.G.M.P) is on the other end of the spectrum, sci-fi humor.  Very funny stuff, a little longer than Ed Schubert at IGMS said he prefers his humor, but I may try there anyway.

I just sent S.R. to Daily Science Fiction like I said I would.  Their average response time at Duotrope is 9 days.  Yep, nine.  So I should hear from them soon.

I do still have stories out there.  ASIM is still holding T.O.L., but I’m doubting they’ll pick it up at this point.  Bull Spechas had T.R.M. for more than their average response time and well over their predicted response time.  I’m hoping the long wait is good news.  G.B. is still at Abyss & Apex, too; I’ll expect news from them in about a month.

But that’s it, folks.  I need to get these two back out so I can start waiting again.

Honestly, this has been a very good year for my story sales.  Yes, yes, the Writers of the Future win stands out above the rest, for sure, but it’s still been my most productive year to date.  Four stories will have made print in 2010.  (See my bibliography to know which.)  That’s twice what I had in 2009 and together that’s as much as I had in the eight or so years prior that I’ve been writing.  I need to keep things growing, though a novel would be worth a lot of shorts.  I’m pretty satisfied and I’ll keep at it.  Sewnd more, sell more.  That’s how it works.

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  1. July 3, 2010 1:21 pm

    I like how productivity comes and goes in spurts. I (e-)mailed off 4 manuscripts two weeks ago, then took a week off. Yesterday I wrote a piece of flash fiction on a whim, and I’ve got two story ideas I’m going to draft in the coming days. I seem to pile up ideas, work them into stories, then start over amid a more barren imagination, waiting for my muse to ride over the horizon…in the sunset, or something…

    Congratulations on a productive year, man; it ain’t even over yet! Looking forward to getting to 100 rejections. I’m at 23 right now.

  2. July 5, 2010 4:08 am

    Congrats on the sale, Oso 🙂

    Keep submitting!

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