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Hey, that’s my story they’re talking about.

September 27, 2010

Found another little blurb on a blog about Zero Gravity.  One story seemed to get more word space than others.  Guess whose.  😀

The stories that stood out for me were ‘Leech Run’ by Scott W Baker. Leeches are people that can suck the power from any source so are particularly dangerous on a spaceship. Although illegal to transport leeches anywhere Captain Titan is unscrupulous enough to do it at a high price. But of course things go wrong as one of the leeches escape from the hold. I liked the idea of ‘leeches’ as if they were a new kind of vampire and the mystery of how one could disappear from a sealed hold to reappear again was intriguing. There was a nice little twist at the end too.

The whole review can be found at Jacqueline Kirk’s blog.

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