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Updated My Market List

October 3, 2010

If you look over to the right and probably down the page a bit, you find my market list.  I mostly maintain this list for my own use, but it’s here for you to click, too.  In the past, I reserved the list for markets I either submitted to often, really wanted to sell to, or had sold to in the past.  Due to some nudging by an editor, I now want to include pretty much every magazine I submit to.  I hadn’t realized that their lack of inclusion might make an editor feel like their zine was an afterthought.

Anyway I have some subs out to new markets (new to me, not to the world) and I tacked them onto the list.  Two are audio markets, Escape Pod and Sniplits.  I also added Shimmer, a semipro zine with a reputation for being tough to sell to.  I still had somepro markets I hadn’t hit with GB (the story I sent them), but their guidelines were on the money for what I was looking for in a market for GB, right down to their mentioning that 5100 words is more than 5000.  (I trimmed to fit, probably tightening the story.)

I also updated to include that Asimov’s and Writers of the Future are both now taking e-subs.

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