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Where to REALLY find me

February 27, 2011

I was skimming my blog stats (as I do periodically in my attempts to track what topics that I discuss might actually interest people) when I realized someone had clicked on one of my “truly useful” links at the right: Where to find me.  My memory blanked on that particular post, so I clicked it myself.

April 2009?  Wow, a lot has changed since then, huh?  Not that my stuff is billowing out of the bookshelves at Border’s (oops, maybe a bad choice), but I can be found much more easily nowadays.  For instance, this old post suggests I have no stories available here.  That’s inaccurate.  I recently removed the story “Blood of a Soldier” which was no longer fitting to my style and replaced it with “Excuse Me“, the story my WotF peers referred to as “a 1500-word fart joke.”  More me, but not indicative of all my stuff.

You might luck out and find a copy of Writers of the Future volume 26 in a real brick-and-mortar bookstore; so far I’ve only spotted it at a Books-A-Million.  There’s almost no chance of you spotting Zero Gravity: Adventures in Deep Space occupying retail space, but that’s by no means due to any form of inferiority compared to other sci-fi anthologies.  Both of these are available through Amazon as well as on the Kindle…and I suspect other devices I do not own.  “The Drake’s Eye” and “How Quickly We Forget” are both flash fiction pieces still archived online at Every Day Fiction.  Oh, and don’t forget (no pun intended) that the latter of these is in The Best of Every Day Fiction volume Two.

The products from that old post contain my stuff as much as they ever did, but I’ll be damn impressed if someone who reads this blog also stumbles across a copy of NFG issue 2.  Or The Drabbler issue 6.  Or Triangulation 2004.  If you have one of these or find one, let me know.  You can send it to me and I’ll sign it and send it back.  It’ll be worth a lot a collector’s item when I’m famous.  I’ll even pay the return (domestic) postage.  Beyond Centauri volume 27 is out there, too.  (Heck, I’ll sign anything else of mine you send me, too, but you’ll need to cover the return trip.)  Drop me a line and I’ll give you my address.

The blog post in question also made reference to me polishing up “Chasers” to send to reprint markets.  Mind you this was two years ago.  I just sent it to Escape Pod today, before clicking on the link.  Weird.

This is all on my Bibliography page, of course.  I guess this post is just me pimping my wares.  For the record, I fully intend to (but have not yet) crack some other markets soon, like IGMS and DSF, maybe some other jumbles of letters.  So keep an eye out for my name, W and all.

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