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Pro Zines and Amateur Mistakes

May 1, 2011

Nothing like sending a submission email without the submission attached to make you feel like a rank amateur.  And nothing like doing something stupid to inspire a blog post.  I was sending the story to Redstone Science Fiction, a young but respected pro-paying zine, and in my eagerness I hit send before attaching the story.  Doh!  Not sure if the second try went through.  I didn’t change the subject line and did not receive a (second) autoreply.  I’ll give it a little time and follow up.

For those living under a rock, you should know that Redstone is open to submissions only for the next couple weeks.  So get your (4000-word or less) stories off to them in a hurry.

For that matter, why didn’t you know this already?  (Play along for a second and pretend you didn’t already know.)  Anyone writing short fiction should be receiving the Duotrope newsletter.  That’s how I know.  A weekly market update sent direct o your email.  A quick perusal lets you find updates on your favorite markets and quick links to new favorites.  Sign up.

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