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Only a Day Away

August 7, 2011

The weather is reflecting my psyche.  Orangish-brown clouds rolling in against the wind; the air is dark but the sky is bright.  Something ominous is coming.  Oh no, it’s…another school year!

By this point in the summer, I’m usually eager to go back.  This year is no exception.  I’m probably more ready this year than ever.  But there is always a dark side to it.  Waking up before dawn, the stress of a hundred simultaneous demands, papers to grade, students to train teach.  The ominous beauty outside is a lovely metaphor for what I am feeling.  It’s easy to see why writers lean on this device as heavily as they do.

My writing production has been about zero the last week or two, so going back to school may pump it back up for once.  I have a few stories that need submitting that will go out during my first inservice tomorrow (gotta do something).  And ideas always bubble up around this time, too.  So it’s time to saddle both horses — school and writing — and start riding for the horizon.  (Yeah, saw Cowboys & Aliens tonight.)  Hopefully I won’t get any saddle sores.

Hi-ho Laptop, and away!

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