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Bad News, Bears, and Some Good News

October 14, 2011

Let’s take the title in order.

The Bad News: I returned from vacation to find a form rejection from Buzzy Mag.  Buzzy is still in the start-up process and has endured some interesting, non-standard submission policies, but now seems to be aligning itself more with pro level mags.  For instance, at one time their submission acceptance process included mandatory Beta-reading, but that’s gone.  They do still take only snail mail subs, but that’s about as out there as their current process seems to be.  Not that any of that matters since they rejected TWHDotGMP.  Gosh, I need to find a market that wants that one.  I know it’s out there…somewhere.

The Bears: I saw a bear a couple days ago, as I may have mentioned on Twitter.  Big and fast.  Runs like a dog.  I see a story involving ursine aliens in my future.

And Some Good News: After a friendly query to the publisher and my good friend Jordan Ellinger, I received an acceptance email from Every Day Fiction for my zombie-football story, “ZFL”.  This will mark my third story with EDF (here are one and two), making it the clear winner for the “zine that published the most stories of mine” award.  The publisher with the comparable award is Sam’s Dot Publishing who ran five (“Decisions, Decisions!”, “Blood of a Soldier”, “Occupational Dogma”, “Faerie Belches”, and “Brother Goo”).  I haven’t sent Sam’s Dot anything in a while  I need to drop them a line…

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  1. October 14, 2011 7:28 pm

    Hi Scott,

    I really appreciate the mention, but I go by Jordan Ellinger now 😉

    • Scott W. Baker permalink*
      October 14, 2011 7:48 pm

      I realized you were writing under Ellinger; it hadn’t occurred to me that you were using it as a publisher, too. Makes sense, though. Consider it fixed.

      • October 14, 2011 7:51 pm

        Thanks! Yeah, I’m using it for pretty much everything these days. Makes sense to keep it all together.

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