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Ready or not, here’s November!

October 31, 2011

Wow, November starts tomorrow.  Which means NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow.  Wow.  My novel is still only slightly prepped, pretty much still at the grand-scheme stage.  I’m prepping characters and I’ll start typing chapter one tomorrow like a good NaNite (or whatever NaNoWriMo participants call themselves…I’ll have to find out).  I’ve been a seat-of-the-pants writer for years, but I’ve never finished a novel that way.  The one (bad) novel I did finish was based on a huge outline.

The story I have in my head is pretty complex, getting more so toward the end.  Twisting timelines is always complicated.  On the upside, 50k won’t be the end so I may be able to slow up the pace once I get that far.  But I won’t want to lose momentum, either.

The biggest part of my organizing will be on the back end: making sure I don’t contradict myself anywhere.  Some scenes will be repeated with small changes.  Some historic events will be referenced and/or altered.  Still, I’m not looking for a particularly deep piece so most of the history will be of the Wikipedia variety.  More importantly, I’ll have to keep track of individual’s timelines since people who travel won’t be aware of changes in their personal lives.

Paradoxes will arise, I’m certain.  It’s a time travel story, after all.  I’m thinking time travelers are immune to the effects of paradoxes,  In other words, you can kill your grandfather and still exist, but you’ll return to a world where you never existed and you have no possessions, no one knows you, etc.  Jimmy Stewart time travel.  I can have fun with that.

I need to keep my goal simple since the twists and turns are going to be confusing enough.  Multiple viewpoint characters to hop between.  Small team of time travelers, each with different personal lives that bring their own drama.  One novice PoV character so the reader can learn the ropes with her (yes, I’m thinking female).  Third person.  I’ve got the first scene in my mind.  I’d like a little more time to map things out, but let’s be honest, would I use the time?  Or just play more inFamous on the PS3?

My buddy Steve just finished 90k in 19 days for a contracted story.  He has given me inspiration that I can do this.  And let’s face it, I need to prove to myself that I can write a (decent) novel.  So it’s go time.

But first, Happy Halloween.  :^)

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  1. October 31, 2011 6:24 pm

    I made sure I cleared my schedule of the anime series I had been watching and the video game I had been playing so I’ll have no distractions when November hits. 🙂

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