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Oh, you eat the peanut butter and jelly at the same time? Good idea.

November 8, 2011

After some soul searching that had nothing to do with typing, I’ve decided to stick out the Time Travel story, at least for the moment.  I’d also like to travel back to when I started it and do it right…but clearly that’s not happening.  I think I realized, however, why the story and I weren’t getting along.

I’ve been focusing on one plot.  The whole idea was to have multiple plotlines swimming around each other and building into something.  This was still the plan, but the tread that was expected to get the ball rolling has actually proven to be the muck that stopped said ball and another (more exciting) plot should be moving simultaneously.  I had considered a chapter zero; what I need is chapters 0, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and on while the plot I’ve been pursuing takes place simultaneously (in different times, of course).

I’ve also put too little consideration into the limitations of the time machine.  It’s not what the machine can do that’s interesting; it’s the stuff it can’t do.

So, as I suspected, I leaped into this project too early and I’ve only been spreading on one slice of bread.  Time to work with the other slice and (much later) figure out how to build a sandwich out of the two halves.  And I need to do this stuff soon; I’m at least two full days behind in the word count department.

Alas, the Naked Man must wait.  Hmmm, that didn’t sound quite right…

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