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Newcomer to my Free Fic

December 10, 2011

I put a new story up in the Free Fiction section of this blog.  Not new per se, but not one that’s ever been offered for free.  “Brother Goo” was originally printed in Beyond Centauri from my good pals at Sam’s Dot Publishing.  It’s a kids magazine (something like 8 to 18) so this won’t be a dark, gritty story.  Middle Grade fiction is probably what it should be classified as.

And don’t forget to follow links to my stories in free online archives.  “ZFL“, “The Drake’s Eye“, and “How Quickly We Forget” are all available through Every Day Fiction.  “Leech Run” can be read or listened to at Escape Pod.  All these links are in my bibliography, but I recreated them here, too.  Links to places to buy books/magazines containing my stories can also be found on my bibliography.  A couple of those are available as ebooks, too.

Read, enjoy.

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