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Holding My Breath Just Made Me Dizzy, Nothing More

December 22, 2011

A SFWA pro-level market just rejected a flash story of mine (FS).  I was a tough rejection to take because response time was making me hopeful.  Why oh why do I pay attention to stuff like that?  A long response time just means they haven’t decided yet.  It doesn’t take any longer to say “yes” than “no” so getting caught up worrying about how long editors scratch their heads is counterproductive.

I have plenty of irons in the fire and I need to find a different fire to toss FS back into.  There’s a good chance I can see my third SFWA-qualifying sale on the horizon already, but crossing fingers and refreshing Duotrope aren’t going to make it happen any sooner.  I just need to keep the writing flowing.


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