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First con of the year

January 8, 2012

It’s probably not the first con in the nation or anything, but ChattaCon will be my first con of the year.  It was a fun little con last year where I made some friends.  They are having me back as an “Also Attending” guest.  Not sure what panels I’ll have, but we shall see.

Tis also the season for Codex‘s Weekend Warrior contest.  It’s really just an excuse to use my competitive spirit to reload my inventory with flash fiction stories, those being my best sellers.  Prompts appear on Friday evening and I have until Sunday evening to submit my story.  This was the first weekend and the story I produced is…I’m predicting top third of the pack, though it’ll be hard to tell since the pack is allegedly numbering in the forties this time around.  But it’s not really about the voting results; it’s about the feedback and having stories to send out.  I have my reading cut out for me this week if I have 40+ stories to read and rate and comment on.  Thank goodness none will be over 750 words!

My new school schedule is giving me a reality kick in the cajones.  Three different classes that are just similar enough to confuse me.  More prep time this semester than last, that’s for sure.  That means less writing time.  Oh please, weather, be good in 11 days so I can get to ChattaCon.  After that, snow school out all you want.

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