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Scott Who?

January 20, 2012
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I’m starting to get a fair number of hits on this page through links from Con pages, so I bet people are trying to figure out who I am.  I probably need to update my “About Me” page, but here’s the not-so-skinny on who I am.

I write science fiction and fantasy under the name Scott W. Baker, but no one ever seems to include my W.  Not sure why that is.  There are other Scott Bakers (and of course Scott Bakker) out there writing and I don’t want to be them.  But don’t call me W; I don’t want to be George Bush either.

My claim to not-quite-fame is my story “Poison Inside the Walls” which placed in the 26th annual, international Writers of the Future contest and was published in the related anthology.  Since then, my fiction has appeared in Escape Pod, Daily Science Fiction, and other fun places.

What do I write about?  I’m all over the place, really.  Civilizations in space, space pirates, zombies (not in space…yet), time travel, aliens, paranormal events, military sci-fi, distopias, near future, farcical comedy, serious moral dilemmas…  Yeah, I cover the spectrum.  You can get a better taste by looking at my bibliography.

No, I have no published novels at present.  No, there are no novels immediately forthcoming.  Yes, I do have novels in the works, but who doesn’t?  When I get a novel finished, blog readers will be the first to know.

When not writing, I teach high school math.  I have a beautiful wife and a brilliant daughter (adjectives interchangeable).  I have a dachshund, a mutt, and the same cat in two different sizes.  I wear Hawaiian shirts — especially at cons.

So that’s me.  If you need to know more, don’t be afraid to ask.  And I’ll see you at the cons!

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