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How do I miss these things?

February 2, 2012

I guess I hadn’t sufficiently Googled myself in a while, but a search of leech run” baker turned up some interesting things. This one is an analysis of the theme of “Leech Run” as it relates to identity. Profound? Not really, but it was never designed to be a profound story. Then there’s this Science Futures article inspired by “Leech Run” and published through Escape Pod. Neither of these are new; I need to Google myself more often.

Speaking of Escape Pod, they have just offered to buy another story.  “Chasers” was originally in Triangulation 2004 back in…well, in 2004.  It has a similar narrative style to “Leech Run” so I thought they might like it.  Apparently I was right.  No clue when it comes out; watch here for details.

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