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OmniCon Report

March 18, 2012

OmniCon was a lot of fun.  It started slow, only a few people attending the opening ceremonies and the first couple rounds of panels, but it picked up.  It wasn’t a huge con, under 300 people, but it was fun.

I enjoyed spending time with the writers there: Chris Berman, Bennie Grezlik, Gregg Overman, and Marina Sergeyeva.  I did panels with all of them.  Good folks with a lot of knowledge, all of them.  We had some fantastic discussions with crowds of varying sizes.  None were huge, but most were of comfortable size.  I heard more than one of them mention a desire to return next year.  I am inclined to share the desire.

The most popular panel of the weekend (which I was not a part of) was the “My Little Pony” panel.  I don’t get it.  A whole bunch of people were really into it, though.  Bronies?  Really?  To each their own, I guess.

The costume contest had a good number of participants with some good quality.  The vendors had some nice stuff — particularly the art — but nothing really for me.  Gaming?  Not in years and no one plays Rifts anymore anyway.  But this was a very nice homecoming for me.

I intend to help out with OmniCon 2013.  There was a lot to like about this year’s con, but I think it could be better and bigger next year, and I’m hoping I can contribute to that.

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