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Angry Birds Experiment

April 17, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve had a real post here.  Let’s just say I’ve been…distracted.  I’d love to say it’s going to get better, but that may take a while.

I did want to go ahead and document the issue I’ve been having with some angry birds.  Not the iPad variety, the poop-on-my-truck variety.  I don’t know why my truck offends them so.  A little research suggests it’s their own reflection(s) in the glass.  Regardless of the cause, they’re been attacking my ride like well-fibered fiends.  It must stop.

After a fair bit of research and some genuine Southern advice, I have spent a grand total of three dollars on toy snakes to drape over the hood, roof, and the wall I ark beside.  The idea is that bluebirds are afraid of snakes and will thus leave my truck alone.  It’s night 1 of this experiment; I will report on the success/failure of this venture in later posts.

If the snake gambit fails, there are plans to try a fake owl and/or shiny eyeball balloons to deter the featered pests.  If all else fails, I’ll borrow a cat.

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