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My LibertyCon Schedule

June 16, 2012

It’s about a month to LibertyCon (July 20-22).  Last time I checked the schedule, I didn’t have any panels scheduled.  I was a late-added guest so it wasn’t a big surprise.  When guests drop out, someone has to fill their spots.

I checked the schedule today and found the issue resolved.  I’m sure that things are still subject to change, but right now my schedule includes:

  • Messiest Ways to Kill a Zombie
  • Historical & Science Fiction Research
  • Self Promotion: Increasing Discoverability Through Marketing and Technology
  • Reading – Scott Baker

Yup, I have a reading.  On Sunday morning.  I’m certain it will be well attended.  :-/  I’ve never done a reading before other than reading flash fic to my classes when they beg.  It’ll be good practice.  So I guess I should start picking a piece to read.

Having no novels out or forthcoming, I guess I’ll be reading short fiction.  The obvious thing to do is read something from Baker’s Dozen.  Plenty of good candidates in there.  Not “Leech Run” or “Chasers” since both are Escape Pod stories and have/will have audio presentations that trump whatever I can muster, but I could read “Poison Inside the Walls” if I want something pro-published.  Right now I’m leaning more toward “Call Me Z”, my zombie culture piece; it’s fun but poignant.  Also in the running are “Glow Baby” (urban fantasy; think of Tribbles) and “Secondhand Rush” (dystopian, slight cyberpunk overtones).  Then there’s the option of reading something unpublished, particularly if I finish it between now and then, but I don’t really see the marketing value in that approach.  It may boil down to whichever story I feel like reading to an empty room.

As for the panels, that first one is made of awesome.  To top it off, John Ringo is on that panel with me.  That one may get a touch out of control…I hope.  The research panel is a bit out of my league since I’m not a research nut.  Plus I seem to be on the panel with sciencey-types.   But I research and I’ll have a pearl or three to share, I suppose.  As for the self-promotion panel, I’ve been doing some of that with Baker’s Dozen but not as much as perhaps I should.  I’ll be listening as much as talking there.

All in all, I’ve really come to enjoy Chattanooga cons and I don’t expect this one to be too different.  Still a month away, though.

I hate waiting.


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