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Good news for “Leech Run” fans

August 12, 2012

I think my space pirate story, “Leech Run” may be my most widely appreciated story to date.  It was originally published in Pill Hill Press’s Zero Gravity anthology, then ran in Escape Pod episode 303.  I have received numerous comments requesting a sequel.  It’s been something I was interested in but some other project always got in the way.  Recently, though, I’ve had a fair amount of project-stall and I really needed something short to sink my teeth into.

So, I just finished outlining the sequel to “Leech Run”.  The story is as yet untitled, but those tend to come last anyway.  This new story will pick up right where LR left off, with Titan’s wounded ship approaching the nearest planet with a load full of energy-draining leeches including one bound class-four leech.  Let’s say that things don’t go smoothly.  What happens?  Well, I’ll let you know where to find the story once I get the thing written.  I’m hoping to power through a draft by he end of the month.  Yes, even with school in session.  I’m hoping the outline, which I seldom use for a short story, will help me power through.  Fingers crossed.

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