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Nano – Day 5 – a quarter of the way there

November 6, 2012

I have officially passed the 25% mark for my NaNo wordcount.  In doing so, I am still only starting chapter 8.  And I’m pretty far from my 2k word goal for today, though I did hit my finish-on-time minimum.  Worse, I’m looking at a lot of work-related distraction tomorrow.  Plus I have to vote; who knows how long that will take.

I’m fairly pleased with the chapter I just finished.  I think the suspense builds nicely and I paint my viewpoint character as the codependent shell of a person she is supposed to start out as, and I paint one of my bad guys as the dissociative nutjob he is supposed to be.  (I do not mean to suggest all codependents are shells or that all dissociatives are nutjobs; these things combine to encompass my characters.)  Now I am preparing to introduce my fifth and final viewpoint character as well as the true villain of the novel (different characters).  It comes a little late, but we’re talking maybe 15% of the way into the novel, not 25%.  The timing is important so that all the characters will get their respective calls to action at about the same time, with the possible exception of my first viewpoint character who may already have received his…it’s a little tricky.  Anyway, I’m eager t get these two characters introduced since things seem to roll along better once I know my characters.

So tomorrow may be a disappointment — and today wasn’t great — but I’m not losing steam, just losing freedom.  I’m still aiming for the 50% mark (of the 50k) by the end of this weekend.  Fingers crossed…no wait, that makes it really hard to type…

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