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NaNo – Day 10 – Hooray for 20k

November 10, 2012

I hit 20,000 last night.  It’s amazing how fast the words flow when the scene itself has internal momentum.  I was writing a battle scene (three characters versus hundreds of carnivorous deer) and the words kept adding up.

As it turned out, I accidentally deviated from my outline’s PoV choice for that chapter and wrote it in someone else’s.  I realized this halfway through the chapter when my outline started going into the intended character’s thoughts. I was happy with the other character’s perspective and had to decide what to do.  As luck would have it, the chapter was already running way long, so I just cut the chapter there and started the new one in the intended PoV.

That puts the (planned) chapter count at 37 and a coda.  (S0 37.2)  That’s a lot of chapters, a lot of words.  Editing may well fix that; it’s not a concern on the front end.  And if the novel needs 37 chapters or 40 chapters, by gosh it’ll get them.  Remember (he told himself), I’m typically a sparse writer; there’s not a whole lot of extraneous words hitting the page here.  Cutting words would mean cutting scenes.  The scenes really need to exist before they’re cut.

I’m yet to get started today (save for a few words I typed after midnight and recorded to today’s count on the site), but I’m angling for a big score.  Halfway by the end of today would rock.  Definitely by tomorrow.  25k, here I come.

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