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NaNo – Day 11 – falling short

November 12, 2012

Well it’s technically Monday and I am still several hundred words short of 25k.  I had a number of distractions today — church, a football game to watch, a Firefly marathon, The Walking Dead (the show, not the real thing), a persistent pigeon that wanted to drive a bus — and I just didn’t get the words in that I hoped to.  I’m still ahead and going strong(ish), so I’m not discouraged, just disappointed.

I plan to stay up and finish the current chapter, but that will still leave me a bit short.  In the long run, I’m more concerned with progressing through chapters than building word count.  The former requires the latter, so they go hand in hand.  My current calculations (via spreadsheet) have me finishing the draft less than a week into December.  These calculations are done my chapter count rather than word count.  Since I expect some of my middle chapters to be shorter (as much to build pace and suspense as anything), I think that calculation may have some accuracy.  Man, it would feel good to get the last word typed in November.  I’m looking to be child-free next weekend, a fact that could be a blessing or a curse to production.  We’ll see.

  • ETA- Perhaps I was wrong.  It is six after one in the morning and I should be asleep, but the chapter is done and I have completed word 25,004.  Now sleep, or tomorrow will really suck.
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