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NaNo – Day 15 – halftime

November 16, 2012

And there goes life poking its obnoxious nose into my writing time.  For the last three days I’ve been falling short of even the basic 1667 target wordcount.  My personal goal was 2k per day.  I’m still a couple days ahead of the curve, but my head start is slipping away.  And tomorrow after school I get to make a 2-hour trip to drop my daughter off with Nana and Papa, then 2 hours back.  I’m happy she gets to visit, but that’s definitely a chunk of writing time that can’t be used to write.  And no, dictate and drive are not among my multitasking competencies.

I’m off to bed, again short on my count.  Thanksgiving break should afford me some time to catch up.  Or get ahead again, rather.

I just took a character in a direction I hadn’t expected.  It’s always fun when I can do that.  And things are about to get ugly in that scene, also good news.  I may well have to insert another chapter break once the ugly starts since that chapter is starting to drone on a bit.  Lots of chapters, lots of words.  Lots of editing decisions to make down the line.

I have a character death coming soon, for a character that had a lot of long term possibilities.  Maybe a short story about his origin will be in my future.  Let’s face it, it’s in there for the “no one is safe” factor, though nowhere near George RR Martin’s commitment to the cause.  There will be character deaths at the end, too.  They fit the story.  Will I change my mind later?  Only if the story demands it.  Some intense writing in the works for the days ahead, that’s for sure.  Wish me luck.

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