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NaNo – Day 25 – Life’s a Happy Song

November 25, 2012

Yeah right.  Life is still kicking me in the crotch from every angle it can think of.  I don’t have control of most of it.  What I can control (at least while I’m not bent over a toilet) is my NaNo novel.  I am a few hundred words short of being back on schedule.  Things flowed pretty well today.  Those missing words should come tonight as I describe the city of Spire on the distant horizon.

I will make the 50k by Friday.  I will be damned if I won’t.  I even have a title at last: The Realm Crystal.  It’s what starts the whole adventure rolling.  It says a lot.  I’m happy, and I’m happy with the book so far.  It’ll need work and it’ll need a lot more than 50k.  But it’s going to get finished.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get kicked in the balls again.

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