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NaNo – Day 29 – So close I can taste it

November 30, 2012

I love this character.  He’s a bad dude, but a sarcastic and insane bad dude that is nowhere near as big and bad as he thinks he is.  And he’s going to learn that soon when he dies.  But until then, he gets his mouth going and my wordcount skyrockets.  He goes on and on insulting people.  And he twists fun phrases, like “I don’t give a pile of kerplop”.  He can get away with it because of his insanity.

Anyway, I just finished riding him through a chapter and have closed to within 2500 words of my 50k goal for NaNoWriMo.  I need some sleep now, but I’m hoping to steal some time at work tomorrow and get 500-750 words in, then come home and pound out the final stretch.  I shall succeed.  Victory shall be mine!

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