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Me for Free

May 1, 2013

Recently a lot of people have asked me where they can find some of my stories for free.  My favorite answer is of course, buy my book, it’s not that expensive, especially as an ebook (Kindle or Smashwords).  But I laugh that off (and wipe away a tear) as I suggest a few places my stuff might be.  Here is that advice:

  • How Quickly We Forget – Working customer service for a memory wipe broker requires a special set of skills and a special flavor of morality.  Jack Spiegel has both.  (Near-future sci-fi, very short, PG-13)
  • Brother Goo – Having a weird little brother is not cool for a middle school kid.  But when Brandon’s little brother Mike goes from weird to other worldly, Brandon knows he needs to take action.  (Present day sci-fi, fairly short, PG)
  • The Drake’s Eye – Lucas Drake can’t resist the opportunity to acquire a family jewel.  But once he does, what would it take to convince him to part with it?  And will parting be enough?  (Urban fantasy/horror, very short, PG-13)
  • Leech Run – Captain Titan makes a living smuggling energy-siphoning mutant humans from one planet to another.  But when one of those mutants goes missing from the hold, his ship and the lives of his passengers and crew all hang in the balance.  (Space Opera sci-fi, text and audio, PG-13/R)
  • ZFL – Zombie Football League.  Enough said.  (near future zombies, very short, PG-13/R)
  • Chasers – When colony ships travel from star to star with empty fuel tanks, it’s up to Chasers like Sebastian and Wild to catch them and fuel them for deceleration.  But the competition out there can get cutthroat; if you can’t take it, move on.  (Space opera sci-fi, text and audio, PG-13)

So that’s what there is of me for free right now.  Plenty to give you a taste of what I do.  There’s a lot more good stuff out there to be found.  Check my Bibliography page for more.  And enjoy the freebies!

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  1. May 1, 2013 12:47 pm

    I’ve bought your book and loved it…my problem is that there isn’t more! lol Seriously. I loved your stories. Write more. Please?

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