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My LibertyCon Schedule

June 23, 2014

LibertOne of my favorite cons of the year is right around the corner.  Chattanooga’s LibertyCon is this coming weekend.  Historically, LC is a great con for writers (which usually means a great con for readers, too) with a great little con suite (did someone say beer?) and a welcoming atmosphere. This year they have me booked pretty tight.  I think that’s a good thing.  We’ll see.  If you’re looking, here’s where and when you’ll find me.


  • 3pm – The Flutter-by Effect: Time Travel in Literature – We talk paradoxes and explore what other compelling elements time travel has to offer.  I’m moderating this one! [Gallery A]
  • 5pm – Opening Ceremonies – Meet the guests and professionals.  I guess that includes me. [Centennial Theater]
  • 7pm – Autograph Session – Come on by; I’ll sign anything! I prefer to sign my book, of course.  I’ll happily sell you one. [Dealers’ Room]
  • 10pm – Messiest Ways to Kill a Zombie – This one is always a lot of fun.  There’s a rason it’s this late, folks; leave the kiddies at home if they have sensitive ears.  In other words, kiddies should probably leave the grown-ups at home. [Centennial Theater]


  • 11am – Urban Fantasies – I’m sure this will be “What are they? What’s new? What’s next?” and all that.  So if you’re interested in urban fantasy, come on by. [Gallery A]
  • 1pm – What’s New in Horror and Dark Fantasy? (Roundtable) – Should be self-explanatory. Lots of people on this one. [Centennial Theater]
  • 8pm – Reading: Scott W. Baker (a.k.a. me) & Mark Wandrey – I’m not sure what I’ll read.  I guess I should probably pick something I wrote… [American Room Train Car]


  • 10am – Meet the Locals (Roundtable) – I reckon there are a bunch of us Tennessee-livin’ authors at the con.  With John Ringo moderating us, there’s no telling where the discussion will go. [Centennial Theater]
  • 1pm – Autograph Session – Last chance to come chat and get my autograph.  You can sell it on ebay for…okay, you probably can’t sell it on ebay.  Yet. [Dealers’ Room]


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  1. June 23, 2014 6:23 am

    See you there my friend.

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