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So It Goes

July 5, 2015

So It Goes.  It’s what Vonnegut said about death in Slaughterhouse Five.  I’m not writing about a death — I hope — but it was at least a long coma.

If you peek at the date of my last post, you’ll see it was a little over a year ago.  Yes, a year.  I wish I could say that I’ve been too busy writing to blog.  Not so.  I’ve been busy being busy.  Life gets in the way…can’t find time to write…writer’s block…the same old tired excuses.  Bottom line, I really haven’t been a writer for the past couple years.  So it goes.

But the writer in me isn’t dead.  He’s been in hibernation, sulking in the back corner of my psyche waiting for me to stop sulking in the front corner of my psyche.  It’s been a rough couple years for me, no doubt.  It’s been tough to focus on anything at all, let along writing.  So it goes.

I find myself at the precipice of a lot of change.  I have a new job in a new city which means a new house which means unloading the old house (hey, wanna buy a house?) and uprooting my child which means altering the custody schedule. Good thing I have all this time during summer break to get things taken care of.  Right, time.  Why doesn’t there seem to be any? So it goes.

As every writer knows, time isn’t something you find, it’s something you make.  I was horrified when I realized that I hadn’t made any time for anything writing related short of conventions (another topic for another post).  So today I changed that.  I started small, with a few little flash fiction submissions (one reprint and two unpublished gems I had lying around).  I had to really scratch my head just to recall how to write a cover letter.  Three little stories in the wind for a few weeks/months.  And suddenly the ekg attached to this comatose writer made a little blip.  So it goes.  Or so it comes?

Yes, I need to return to actually writing to really resurrect myself as a writer.  That’s coming.  Directly.  But much like a coma patient with atrophied musculature, I can’t just leap out of bed and start typing a marathon.  I have to make sure I remember how to walk, then jog, then maybe some running.  Even just sitting up on the bed feels good. Time to see what the floor feels like under my feet.

Let’s see how this goes.

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  1. July 5, 2015 10:11 pm

    In my experience, such as it is, blog posts help stretch writing muscles. Just think of it as physical therapy. You can do it. Being busy just means you’ve been living life and now have new untapped stores the stuff that we use to fuel stories.

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