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EP Contest, SCA, and other updates

April 22, 2016

Well, the Escape Pod contest was fun, but my story got trounced in the final round. Technically I don’t think it should have made the final round (edged out by a vote at the end), but they let 3 stories through each semi-final group instead of the 2 from the original rules. I’m in full support of the stories that won, so no hard feelings. I’m just glad to see that story garner as much support as it did in the earlier rounds.

I recently attended my very first SCA event. For those unfamiliar, it’s kind of like a Renaissance Fair(e) but covers a full weekend. It’s a little more about the dressing up and experiencing than I think most Faires are, but I’ve honestly not been to one of those, so I can’t say. I enjoyed it. It turns out I look great in a tunic and arguably even better in a kilt. I will definitely be going to more. I consider it research for future fantasy stories, and I’m pretty sure I can get my taxes to reflect that.

After eight long months, I finally sold my house. Now I only have to pay for one place to live (plus a storage unit for my stuff to live in).  Maybe that will allow my stress levels to come down and help me get some writing done. Maybe.

Speaking of writing, my next project will have me dipping my toe into middle-grade fiction. I’ve written on that level before (Brother Goo, Faerie Belches, Ten Seconds), but I’m tackling this at the novel length. My daughter inspired me with her sudden interest in my stories, and I want to do something targeted at her. Plus we’ve been reading the Fablehaven books together, which are very good; I’d be honored to have my work shelved next to books like that. More on that as I tackle it more fully.

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